Born in Two Saintly Cities


Welcome to Fytenburg Brewing Company - a family micro brewery built on centuries of brewing heritage.


Born in Sint Odiliënberg, Netherlands in 1680.

Reborn in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1999.

Our Story - 340 Years in the Making

We are currently building out our future home in St. Paul, Minn. In the meantime, learn about our family's centuries-old legacy in beer.

Our Biers

Fytenburg Grand Cru - A family treasure, this Belgian Abbey Ale was first brewed and served for the wedding of Fytenburg’s master brewer, Tod, and his wife, Madeline. Rich caramel flavors play off spicy notes from the hand-selected Belgian yeast to create a complex bier that we hope will become a family special for you, too.

Fytenburg Grand Cru Blanc - This Belgian inspired White Ale, is brewed with select spices, Curacao orange peel and Belgian yeast, and creates a perfect mélange of sweet, bitter and refreshing Caribbean flavors. Close your eyes and let Grand Cru Blanc transport you to the Dutch West Indies.

Fytenburg Ales & Lagers - Fytenburg Brewing Company will brew a variety of European-style ales and lagers, crafted in an old world tradition.

While we build out the future home of Fytenburg Brewing Company, we invite you to visit St. Paul, especially our neighbors on West 7th Avenue. Our city has a wealth of historic sites, world-class restaurants and bars, and activities for everyone. You can learn more about planning your next trip to St. Paul at Cheers!