Ours is a family story of beer and brewing.

With each pint, you enjoy a piece of our grand legacy, 340 years in the making.


Fytenburg Brewing Company was founded in Minnesota’s saintly city of St. Paul in 1999 by Tod Fyten II. A veteran of the brewing industry, Tod grew up in south Minneapolis crafting wine and sodas (homebrewing beer was illegal at the time) with his father. He started his career in beer as an intern at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange learning the art of barley evaluation for malting, then home brewing while serving as the pub manager of the beloved Club Bar & Grill in St. Paul He later worked as a representative for the Pabst and Leinenkugel’s Brewing Companies, and as one of MN's original craft brewers at the James Page Brewing Company in northeast Minneapolis.

Tod is the latest in a long-line of brewers and brewery workers - a history that goes back generations.

The brewery, located at 363 Webster Street, currently is located in the historic horse stables of the Jacob Schmidt and Christopher Stalhmann Brewery dating back to the 1850s. It is the same location where Tod’s grandfather, George Fyten, Jr., worked in the brewery shops for Jacob Schmidt.

The Fyten family’s roots in beer go back farther.

Tod’s great, great, great grandfather Theodore Fyten emigrated from his native Netherlands to St. Paul in the summer of 1869. He set up shop as a teamster and harness maker, where he served St. Paul's bustling Upper Levee brewery neighborhood. Two years later, his brother John joined him and set up shop near the falls of St. Anthony, where he served northeast Minneapolis's growing brewing community.

The Fyten family’s roots in beer go back even farther.

In 1680, in the small town of Sint Odiliënberg, Netherlands, Tod's great grandfather 10 generations back, Vitus Fijten, opened the White Horse Inn & Brewery, a beer producing tavern serving the local community and wayward travelers. With the opening of the White Horse Inn, Vitus Fijten set the stage for the Fyten family's service to the brewing community over the next 340 years.

Today, the Fytens carry on this legacy by crafting epicurean, Dutch- and Belgian-inspired beers. Cheers to the legacy of Fytenburg Beer!

Where We Are Today

Fytenburg Brewing Company is currently building out our taproom brewery at 363 Webster Street in St. Paul, Minnesota. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our family craft brewery soon! While we build out our space, we will continue to keep the community up-to-date on our progress on Facebook and Twitter, as well as here on our website. Check back often for updates.